Solutions: Driver Settlements

At Tell Systems we call it “Driver Settlements” but we’ve also heard the function referred to as Owner Operator Settlements or Driver Payables.  In essence, our Driver Settlements module provides you with the means to automatically calculate a Driver’s compensation for work performed based on many different calculation methods.

Once a Driver’s compensation amount is determined records accumulate in the Driver’s file awaiting Settlement or payment to the Driver.  You can pay a single Driver or all Drivers for any period of time.  There is no need to clear the previous week’s pay before entering data for the new week.  Standard checks (no taxes taken out) can be produced.  If Driver’s are paid through your payroll system a Settlement sheet will print with no check.  A detailed Settlement sheet is provided as backup to the Driver’s check.  The Driver who receives a standard check will get a 1099 at the end of the year.

Automatic and one time deductions may be set up by Driver including limits so that a Driver who, for example, receives a $500 advance can be set up for a $50 weekly deduction which will automatically stop when the $500 limit has been reached.