Solutions: EDI

There are many translation packages available on the market today.  In all standalone systems you are required to re-enter the data into their format then they transmit the data in the required standard format.  These standalone systems also require someone on your staff to become the “EDI expert”.  Understanding the standard and everyone’s interpretation of that standard can become a full time job.

At Tell Systems, we already have that knowledge and we can manage your EDI implementation for you.

The Tell System's EDI package gives you an advantage that you cannot get from a standalone translation package.  With our software, you choose an option or the system automatically from the menu and our EDI package takes the data you have already entered into the system, converts it into the proper format and sends the data to the proper party.  And, at the same time, picks up any data destined to you.  The EDI can be sent over a modem line or over the internet using FTP.  Both methods are transparent to the user.  The EDI transmission can also be setup to automatically transmit based on a schedule that you design.