Solutions: Freight Billing

The Freight Billing system is a complete, on-line, integrated billing system, designed specifically for LTL billing.  In terms of features, ease of use and speed, it is the finest LTL billing package on the market and the keystone of our LTL product line.

This module includes Freight Billing with online and automatic rating.  The rating can be either class or commodity rating.  Class rating can be from standard class tariffs, like Czar Lite, or any other class rating tariff.  Our commodity rating system is for customer specific rates that can be based on weight, piece, pallet, miles, cube, or lineal foot.  Then within each tariff RBN’s are defined by zips or postal codes or area.  One of our customers keys over 6000 bills per night with no rate clerks on the night shift.

Each of your customers will have a rating profile that contains tariffs, accessorial charges, fuel surcharges, discounts, etc., all of which enables the automatic rating.  Complex fuel surcharge calculations based on multiple fuel price indices are automatically calculated and can be uniquely defined for your customers.

The Freight Billing module also includes Tracing, Manifesting, Sales Application and analysis, Connecting Line calculation and splitting, Operations Reporting and Customer Service.