Solutions: Imaging

Our Tell/Imaging solution is fully integrated with our software.  Any PC attached to the network has the ability to display any Image whether it is the bill of lading or delivery receipt or any other document you choose to Image.  Documents and the index to those documents is stored on the iSeries where it is safest and easiest to backup and retrieve.

The Tell/Imaging begins with the scanning of the documents into the imaging system.  At one account where all scanning is done at the home office, they scan 15,000 Images a day using one employee and one scan station.  Scanning may be done in one location or in many using low or high speed scanners or fax machines.

Centralized billing can be enabled by scanning the bills of lading at each pick up location.  By doing this the bill of lading is available and ready to be keyed into our freight billing screen and can be dispatched on a large monitor side by side with the Image of the bill of lading.  For customers who do centralized billing but don’t want to display Images, we can automatically print a copy of the BL upon receipt in the imaging system.

Now that the bills of lading are in the system, the rate and freight auditing is quick and accurate.  Just go into the rate queue and select a queue to be audited.  You can display the bill of lading Image to help with the auditing.

Bills of lading and delivery receipts are available from everywhere in the system that you can display the freight bill screen, such as tracing and accounts receivable inquiry.  You can display the Image, print it on your printer or any system printer, fax it to any fax machine, or save a copy of the Image so that you can email it.

We also have a program that will select and  FTP a group of Images to either a customer or a connecting line.

Rendition printing or country club billing can save you an abundance of time.  The system automatically collates the billing statement, invoice copy and any required attachments into one bundle.  Just take them off of the printer and put it in an envelope.  The customer master file contains the attachment requirements.  The sooner your bills are out, the sooner you’ll get paid.