Solutions: Mobile Communication Interface

Satellite Communications to the trucks has been a product that was predominately used in the truckload industry, but, we are seeing it more and more in the LTL environment.  To meet this need we’ve developed an Interface between our Dispatch and Customer service products to seamlessly integrate the information transferred between the driver and our system.  We’ve currently Interfaced with Qualcomm and Cheetah.

Some examples of the functions we’ve integrated are below:

  • A pick up is taken over the phone, through EDI or from the internet.  When the dispatcher assigns the pickup to a driver the driver receives an electronic message in his truck with the pickup information.
  • When the pickup is completed, the driver responds with the pro numbers and pickup information.  This information can update the pickup and simultaneously create a skeleton freight bill.
  • Arrival and departure times from stops are sent by the driver and automatically updates the equipment history and dispatch screen.
  • When a driver makes a delivery and confirms the delivery in his truck, that information is automatically transferred into our tracing system.
  • When an OS&D situation occurs the driver can send information about the situation that will automatically download to the status history of the pro and simultaneously notify your OS&D department of the exception.
Download of skeleton bills from the AS400 to the Cheetah system then, after routing, upload back to the AS400 the loads created by Cheetah.