1. Freight Billing
    This module in conjunction with Revenue Accounting is the base module.  Some of its functions are freight bill entry, rating, tracing and manifesting.
  2. Rateware Rating Engine
    Our Rateware Rating Engine is the interface you need between our software and SMC’s Rateware class rating product.
  3. Dispatch & Equipment Control
    This module includes programs for P&D and Linehaul dispatching as well as programs to monitor the usage and location of your equipment.
  4. Pickup Management
    The Pickup Management module gives you the ability to take pickups online, assign them to drivers and ultimately create a skeleton freight bill.
  5. Weights & Inspections
    The Weights and Inspections programs interface with your forklift scales to automatically adjust the weight on your freight bills.
  6. Revenue Accounting
    Revenue Accounting is the second half of our base module.  Some of the programs provided are for accounts receivable, collections, and sales analysis.
  7. Connecting Line Payables
    Connecting Line Payables is used for analysis and reconciliation of payables for interlines and cartage agents.
  8. Claims
    The Claims module is used for entry, analysis and payment of cargo or overcharge claims.
  9. Fuel & Mileage
    Fuel & Mileage is used to enter fuel used and miles driven by tractors.  Reports are then produced to help you in your fuel tax reporting.
  10. Accounts Payable
    Accounts Payable is for entry and payment of Vendor payables.
  11. General Ledger
    The General Ledger module is fed from our other modules and can be used for multiple companies.
  12. EDI
    Electronic Data Interchange programs allow you to setup and exchange data with your customers and partner carriers.
  13. Driver Settlements
    Our Driver Settlements system gives you the ability to calculate driver pay and to produce a check to pay the driver.
  14. Imaging
    Our Imaging solution gives you the ability to scan documents then view and retrieve those documents.
  15. Interactive Internet Modules
    This group of modules gives your customers and carrier partners the ability to display real time data over the web.
  16. Mobile Communication Interface
    This interface is used to send and retrieve data from the driver’s truck.
  17. Additional Modules
    Acom, Rand McNally, and PC Miler are some of the other software packages that we interface with.